Photo Gallery 1: Wailau Valley, Moloka'i

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Wailau Valley, North Shore of Moloka'i

Some of the photos from my dissertation fieldwork in Wailau Valley on the island of Moloka'i.




Moloka'i North Shore from the air. Photo credit: Steven Eminger.

Windward coast of Moloka'i, west of Wailau.

Down and dirty on my first trip to Wailau, 2004.

Some of the lo'i terraces we mapped and excavated in Wailau.

Excavating a lo'i wall, 2005.

Surveying in the bamboo, Wailau 2005. Photo Credit: Nona Naboa.

Taking GPS points in Wailau Stream.

Our kitchen, 2005.

A deeply-buried lo'i wall after excavation.

Cabin in the rain, 2005.

2005 field camp.

Wailau Stream, 3 miles inland.

The 2005 crew.

Building our kitchen, 2006.

Our camp alongside Wailau Stream, 2006.

Excavation of a small hearth.

Rewarded by a waterfall after a long hike up Kahawai'iki Stream.

Black sand beach on the west side of Wailau.

The stream meets the sea.

Wailau sunset from our camp.