Photo Gallery 11: Antarctica

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Photos from Around the World: Antarctica

Port Lockroy, Jougla Point, Paradise Harbour, Cuverville Island, Danco Island, Deception Island, Half Moon Island, Barrientos Island.

Icebergs from the ship.

Cuverville Island was my favorite.

Gentoo penguins at Port Lockroy.

Antarctic sunset.

Sea full of ice.

Gentoo penguins at Jougla Point.

Lonely penguin.

British Research Base at Port Lockroy.

Killer whales off the port bow.

More icebergs.

Heading out for some mountaineering.

Bow of the Plancius.

Gentoo colony at Cuverville Island.

Gentoo colony at Cuverville Island.

Walking on the sea ice inside Deception Island.

Lonely penguin.

Gentoo colony at Cuverville Island.

Our ship, the Plancius.


Gentoo penguins on the rocks.

More icebergs.

More icebergs.

The penguins were really curious.

At anchor, Danco Island.

A visitor along the penguin highway.

Two adelie among the gentoo.

Stormy skies inside Deception Island.

Stormy skies inside Deception Island.

Chinstrap penguin.

Chinstrap penguins, Halfmoon Island.

Kayaking at Halfmoon Island.

Among the penguins.

Halfmoon Island.

Upside-down seal.

Rugged landscape of Halfmoon Island.

Curious penguin.

Penguin footprints.

So many penguins on Barrientos Island.

Stunning seascapes.

Happy seal.